Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity

You have just returned to your home after a busy day at office and you are feeling tired. You are thinking about making an appointment with your massage therapist. But, suddenly you remember that, tomorrow is too going to be a tireless day at the work. And, all of sudden your thoughts of having a nice massage to ease your muscles and feel relaxed, die a quick death. Not if, you have your own massage chair at your home.

Possessing a massage chair is fun all the time. Not only, it saves you from making an appointment with your massage therapist, but also it extricates you from spending your hard earned money on relaxing therapies all the time. With your own massage chair, you just sit on it and enjoy the ride like summer vacations.

However, buying a message chair is not that fun at all. You need to keep in mind all your requirements along with chair specifications before purchasing the best message chair for yourself. Here are the some tips and guidelines you need to know, before buying the best message chair for yourself.

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

Real Relax 2020 Massage chair is the noteworthy massage chair in the market. This chair is a mixture of innovative and traditional massage features. The top features of this massage chair is a built in Add Bluetooth audio play and changing Led light.

In addition, the six auto massage techniques provide a wide variety of massage services with auto mode. You can choose between these six auto massage to get an instant massage. Apart from it, the built in Bluetooth audio play allows you to connect your mobile phone with the Bluetooth speakers of this massage chair to enjoy your favorite music while getting a massage.

All in all, Real Relax 2020 Massage chair is a complete package for music lovers who love getting a massage.

What are the benefits of a Massage Chair?

Getting a massage therapy is always beneficial. Not only it reduces stress and anxiety, but also it improves creativity and attentiveness. After getting a message, the production of endorphin (often called feeling good hormones) increases in your body, thus you feel more good and enjoying.

Apart from making you relax and comfortable, massage also helps you with your sleep. After you get a massage, your muscles are at more ease and relax position. Therefore, you enjoy a good sleep in your bed.

In addition, massage also improves your blood circulation and reduces your blood pressure. These two problems are commonly related to heart diseases. Hence, the good habits of getting massage in routine life, helps you with a good cardiovascular condition.

Since the old times, humans have been depending on massage therapy for reducing lower back pain. Today, it goes the same. According to a latest research, massage therapy assists with lasting relief of lower back pain.

Bad sitting posture is the common cause of headaches now a days. People who sit in the offices for long times, feel bad posture problems that often lead to severe headaches. Luckily, massage aids us with sudden relief to the back muscles which eventually reduces a headache.

Moreover, massages also improve the creativity of the brain. After getting a good massage, your brain feels more relaxed and peaceful, which leads to the clear thoughts and more creativity. Apart from it, massage also assist with boosting immunity while increasing the white blood cells in your body to fight viruses and other harmful microorganisms.

What are the benefits of owning a massage chair?

So now you have learned about the benefits of getting a massage. Lets just now focus on the having a massage chair at your home.

  • Owning a massage chair is always fun. You can get any kind of massage at your own will at any time. Moreover, you do not have to schedule your massage from your busy routine. When you have your own massage chair, you can get a massage any given time. Even, if you have returned from a heavy workout at gym and you just want to relax your muscles. Voila! You just sit on your massage chair and start your massage therapy.
  • Having your own massage chair comes with multiple benefits. One of it, is choosing from various types of massage techniques you want for your body. Now a days, massage chairs come with many massage techniques, all you have to do is to press few button to choose from different massage techniques. And, then you can get your favorite massage therapy at your own will.
  • When you hold a massage chair at your home. You do not have to go out from your home for a massage therapy. In fact, you even can get a massage while watching your favorite show on television any time you want. How easy is that?
  • Lower Back Pain is becoming a serious problems for older people these days. When you have your own massage chair, you do not have to face Lower Back Pain problem. You can get rid of back pain any time you want, by getting a lower back pain therapy on your own massage chair.
  • In addition, Massage chairs are a good investment for your future. Even though, they cost a lost for the first time, but when you own a massage chair, you do not have to spend your money on massage therapy. You can get a massage on your own chair. Thus it save a lot of your hard cash in future.
  • Apart from it, foot massages are the additional features of a good massage chair. You can experience a good foot massage on your chair any time to ease your foot muscles and feel relaxed.
  • You even can invite your friends for a massage party and have a little chitchat about different things while getting a massage with your friends. How cool is that?

What are the guidelines for buying a good massage chair?

Enjoying the benefits of a massage chair may be fun all the time, but finding one is not. So, when you are looking for a massage chair that is good for you, following question should be in your mind.

  • The first thing you need to consider when buying your favorite massage chair, is your available space. Though, massage chair are really useful for relaxing your body, but they are huge in size. Even the smallest massage chair, will occupy the space of an ordinary chair. So, you will need to keep in mind the available space of your room while purchasing a massage chair.
  • In addition, you will also need to think about the size of the massage chair. While, the most massage chair come with features of facilitating all the users including the elders and Youngers. However, all the massage chairs do not cover every size. So, you should be accurate about the size of your massage chair, before purchasing it.
  • What massage techniques you are looking for?

Massage chair come with a wide variety of massage techniques these days. While, some users may enjoy the full body massage, other may only want to get neck or foot massage. So, it is really important for you, to look for the massage technique in the massage chair you are looking for.

Following is the list of all the massage techniques you will find in the modern massage chairs.

  • Kneading – Have you ever seen wheat flour being knead to make bread? Yes! The work done with the flour to make bread is called kneading. However, in massage kneading is a technique used by massage experts to compress soft tissues into the underlying bones. This technique is very useful in relieving pain, treating the tight muscles issues and to get flexibility.
  • Tapping – Have you ever seen little droplets of water consecutively coming out off a water tap due to an issue? Yes! The process of water droplets coming out from a tap due to loose tap lock, is called tapping. However, in massaging the process of slowly striking your muscles and issues to get relief is called tapping. This technique is very helpful in good blood circulation and muscle elasticity.
  • Rolling – Have your witnessed a bread being rolled by a roller? Yes! This technique is also used in massaging. The skin tissues and muscles are lifted and rolled in this techiqnue to produce a relaxing feeling in the user. This technique is very useful for getting relaxed, treating muscle tension and loosing the skin.
  • Shiatsu – This is a very pouplar and common massage technique. In this massage mode, certain musle points are pressed by rollers and air bags to create a relaxing feelings. This technique is very helpful in musle relief and relaxation.
  • Special Tenqhiues – Massage chair manfacturar companies have designed some special techniquies as per the custom requirements of the users. These special teqhnciues are specially designed to do certain tasks in massaging. These special technqiues include refrexology, heated massage, yoga, spinal relief, combo and musle elief.

Incase if you are wondering about what type of massage chair you should purchase for your personal use? Well, what are we here for? Its simple, you should always go for the chair which has most massage techniques in its offerings. It will allow you to choose from more massage therapies and you will enjoy more relaxing techniques.

  • What brands to choose from?

Online shopping stores are flooded with more massage chair brands, these days. From the available vast variety of Massage chair brands, it becomes difficuilt for the user, who is first time buying a massage chair. While, some of these massage chair brands have a long history of providing massage chairs, some of these brand are new in the market.

Our suggestion for you, is do not go after the brands and always look for the best customer support. While, some of the massage chair models provide more massage services to the users, but when a user is looking for the customer support, some of these brands do not have the quality of customer support.

The best Massage chair manufacturing brand, will not only provide best customer support, but you will also save a lot of your money in terms of repairing the products when you will find your favorite massage chair brand.

  • What is your budgest?

How much money you want to spend on your massage chair? Budget is always important when you are buying a massage chair for your facility. The higher the price, the model will offer more massage services, including a wide variety of massage techniques, durability, quality of massage and more comfort. However, there are some models by less popular brands in the market, that are providing high quality massage services for lower cost.

However, these models are not that durable and customer are facing a lot of issues in terms of usage. Therefore, its all up to you, what massage chair you want to buy, how much budget you have? And what massage services you want in your massage chair?

  • Does the massage chair has a warranty?

Warranty is also a high valued key point, when it comes to purchasing a massage chairs. Almost, every brand is offering warranty of their products these days. However,  some of these massage chair brands do not honor their warranty policies. So, it is very important that you should always go for the brand that respects its warranty policies.

The least time of warranty time offered by any massage chair brand is one year. However, some of the top brands are offering a five year warranty for their massage chair units as well.

Important features to look for when buying a massage chair?

So, you have decided to buy a massage chair to get a perfect massage and feel relaxed. Therefore, not it is time for you to think about the important features to look in the massage chair you want to buy?

  • Massage Pressure – Massage pressure is the amount of pressure applied on the tissues and muscles during the massage by the massage chair. While, some of the massage chair product light pressure on the tissues, other are designed to put high amount of pressure for deep tissue massage to get results of higher satisfactions.

For ever user massage pressure works differently. Some users love to have a soft massage while applying light pressure. This works perfectly fine, when the muscles and the tissues are slightly in tension and need a little pressure to get comfort.

However, when the muscles and tissues of the user are in deep tension, high amount of pressure is needed to get relax. Thus, the user will need a deep pressure during the massage to get desired amount of satisfaction.

Hence, you should always go for the models that work perfectly fine during the light and deep pressure modes of massage.

  • Massage rolllers – Massage Rollers are the important part of massage chairs. Made with the foam and a density, massage rollers are very helpful in rolling massage mode. These rollers put pressure on the human tissues during the massage and slide upward, downward, left and right to ensure a good massage. The quality of good massage rollers include repelling liquids, constructed from quality material, stick and vibration.
  • Heat Massage – Somewhat equal to the ancient heated stone massage therapy, Heat massage is a mode of modern massage chair that helps the user to ease its muscles. According to a modern research, heat massages are the best way to repair the damaged tissues. The modern massage chairs now a days, use high temperatures by using heated pads and infrared rollers to produce this massage technique.
  • Body Scan technology – Massage chair these days come up with a body scan technology. This feature of massage chairs allows them to scan the body of the user for perfect curves, shape and other physical aspects of the user’s body. The state of the art scanning technology allows them the perfect idea of the massage chair user. Hence, the user gets a perfect body massage when this feature is used.
  • Air compression – Massage chairs now a days, use air bags to put pressures on the different parts of the body such as neck, shoulders, hips and legs for the massage therapy. The air pressure is applied by the air bags in the massage chair. The user gets a satisfactory massage therapy by using this feature of air compression massage.
  • Vibration – In the vibrating massage mode, massage chair vibrate your body to provide you a good massage. The user can get a full body massage by using the vibration features. However, this feature is only good for lower back and hips massage. In this mode, the continual vibrations from the massage chair, give the user a relaxing feeling and comfort.
  • Zero Gravity – This is the most advanced features of high end massage chair models. What happens when feel no gravity in the space? You float around like a light feather in the air? Right? This feature of modern massage chairs allows the user to feel no gravity when applied. Thus, the user will feel as light as the feather, ensuring more comfort and ease during the massage.
  • 3D Massage – 3D Massage is a mode of massage in which the 3D rollers extend the massage to the place where a normal massage rollers cannot reach such as area around your neck and upper shoulder area. Thus, ensuring more quality of satisfaction during the massage.

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