The Best DSLR Stabilizers Camera for Scuba Driving

If there is one thing people are scared of when it comes to electronics that’s water damage.  Smartphone’s have these problems as we as standard cameras. Cameras can get un-repairable costs when in contact with water. The vast majority of them will not withstand contact with water and will have to be tossed away since the guarantee will not cover such type of damage. The bad part about his is there are not many different Waterproof Gopro Gimbals.

1. GoPro Hero 7 Black


  • Digital Video format:                               H.264, HEVC, H265
  • Video Resolution                                       2560 x 1440 p – 120 fps
  • Camcorder Resolution                            12.0 MP
  • Protection style                                         Waterproof
  • Underwater depth                                    30 ft

The Gopro Hero 7 black living up to its action camera autograph. Gopro hero 7 is created to catch super-smooth footage of your latest excellent. Its hyper smooth stabilization delivers a gimbal-like flow without the added size of a DSLR Stabilizers gimbal.  Camera updates incorporate direct streaming to facebook live in intelligent still photo mode and supported time-lapse video. Its portrait mode allows you to add social media-style videos and pictures. In catches 2.7 k 120 over 100 slow motion in super slow motion video at rates up to 1080p.



  • Digital video format                       MPEG-4, H.265
  • Video Resolution                            4608 x 3456p
  • Camcorder resolution                   16 MP
  • Protection Style                              Waterproof
  • Underwater depth                         up to 100 ft

If you are looking for a camera you can take directly into the water Nikkon Coolpix W3000 is one of the best those options. The best features of this camera come in the handling department large robust camera. Very solid feeling in the hands. It can shout 30 frames in a second. One nice feature is that you can send photos while shooting.

3. RICOH WG-60


  • Digital video format                                 H.264
  • Video resolutions                                      4608 x 3456p
  • Camcorder resolution                             16 MP
  • Underwater depth                                    Up to 40 ft


RICOH WG 60  is a camera which is designed to with stand not just on water but all the nature elements has in store including dust impacts and freezing temperatures. With unique body design and plenty of tech inside this camera provides excellent images in virtually any environment. WG 60 is capable of focusing as little as one centimeter away so, close-up shots are extremely easy to achieve.



  • Digital video format                   `             NTSC/PAL
  • Video Resolution                                      4608 x 3456 p
  • Camcorder resolution                             16.4 MP
  • Protection                                                   Waterproof
  • Underwater depth                                    Up to 80 ft

The XP series is ideal for anyone looking for a super durable camera. Fujifilm XP 140  can use in virtually any environment with plenty of user-friendly features all at a very nice price. Specifically the new XP 140 gives you an updated image processor with a new scene recognition auto mode a bigger selection of built-in image filters and a smile mode function that automatically detects your smile and fires the shutter for you. In short this XP 140 doesn’t blow you away with features and flexibility but for a very inexpensive compact camera that can e used in practically any environment you’re definitely getting more than your money’s worth

I suggested you all the best underwater cameras for the scuba diver. These all are new supermodels for scuba diving. In another word, these all are perfect models for recreational drivers. Now you just have to pick from one of these according to your taste. Best of luck.



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